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Hello, My name is Mohib and I'm
Front-End Developer from Bangladesh

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I’m a freelance web developer with 2 years of experience. I understand the perfect user interface should look good and work even better. I'm very passionate for the latest solutions and interactive design. I'm a creative person and positive thinker. I prefer challenges and have no fear of new things and tasks.

Pixel-perfect PSD to HTML

responsive design with mobile first development

Better design with best experiences

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Meghchil Website


#Responsive, #PSDtoHtml, #Bootstrap #WordPress #BasicUX

This webiste is completely designed and developed by me. I was given a PSD file. It's built on WordPress. For Front-end I've used SASS, Bootstrap. This webiste is also maintained by me, from time to time I'm adding new features.

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Meghchil Website


#LikeSPA #Responsive, #PSDtoHtml, #WordPress

This is a fun webiste! It's not a SPA (Single page App), but acting like SPA. Client wanted a Wordpress website where page will be navigated without loading but he didn't want to use any front-end framework.

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#Responsive, #PSDtoHtml, #WordPress

Client wanted to redesign his website and add new features without loosing any data. I was given a PSD file and converted it to Wordpress. For Front-end I've used SASS, Bootstrap.

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Meghchil Website



The design was done by other person. I only converted it from HTML to Wordpress.

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Meghchil Website


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We love clean design and advanced digital solutions.

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I want to thank Mohib so much for working on my project, the service was great and I felt each time that I was the only client you had, the level of professionalism and personal service was amazing! I'm now a "Customer for Life".

Zunnu Rin

CEO, Srijonbd

Huge thanks to Mohib. It was really smooth from start to end. The communication was top notch. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

Zunnu Rin

CEO, Srijonbd

I’m always looking to meet new people and work on interesting stuff. Send me an email at mbmohib@gmail.com and lets grab coffee or meet virtually!