Improve UX by logging out from other tabs

18 January, 2022
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We love the single-page application, It offers a much better user experience (UX). It also brings some new challenges like when the user opens multiple tabs and log out from one tab, then another tab should also be logged out. But often we see other tabs that seem logged in and the user tries to interact with it. Then when they do any API-related action like save or publish, then the API return 401 and logged them out. It all leads to a bad user experience.

We can solve this problem using storage event.

** This tutorial is written on React but the knowledge can be implemented in other framework too. **

Set data to localStorage when user logout

First we need to push some data to localStorage every time user perform logout. The key can be anything, and the value needs to be updated.


Attach storage event handler

Then we will register a event handler in the root of our app. It can be in app.js or index.js depends on your app's architecture.

const handleSyncLogout = (event: StorageEvent) => {
  if (event.key === 'logout') {
    // perform logout action

useEffect(() => {
  window.addEventListener('storage', handleSyncLogout);

  return () => {
    window.removeEventListener('storage', handleSyncLogout);
}, []);

This way we can easily handle multi-tab logout and make our user happy.

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